Nichole Hannahs

Muskingum River Dams Undergo Work

by Nichole Hannahs on March 15, 2013 at 7:33 am

Work begins on dams in the Muskingum Water Conservancy district.

The multi-tiered $600 million project will begin with dams in Dover and Bolivar, working its way to the Mohawk Dam in Coshocton County. It then will include some work at Dillon Dam in Muskingum County. It’s a joint effort between the Army Corps of Engineers and the Conservancy District.

"These are maintenance projects that need to be done to ensure that they continue to operate efficiently and the way they were designed," said Muskingum Water Conservancy District’s Public Affairs Administrator Darrin Lautenschleger. "We have to remember they were constructed in the 1930’s with the best technology of the day and today they know more about them and more about the ways to stabilize them and make sure they are safe and efficient."

The 80 year old conservancy district was organized primarily because of the 1913 flood which brought 20 feet of water into downtown Zanesville. The dams keeps this type of incident from happening again.

"Since the construction of the dams and reservoirs such as Dillon, Seneca Lake Dam and Wills Creek, Mohawk, more than $10 billion in potential property damage has been saved and that’s a study done each year by the Army Corps of Engineers for independent federal review and provided for plenty of outdoor recreation."

The Muskingum River Watershed is the state’s largest watershed area wholly contained in the State of Ohio. It takes in portions of 27 counties and is 8,000 square miles.