Nichole Hannahs

National Nutrition Month

by Nichole Hannahs on March 6, 2013 at 6:46 am

Everyone has different eating habits, but learning to control those habits is the key to nutrition.

March is National Nutrition Month. This the is the 40th year for the celebration that encourages people to eat healthier.

Experts said there are many things one can do to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. It’s encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables and cut down on foods high in calories, certain fats and sugar.

"A lot of people take in more calories than they need," said Registered Dietician Claire Gately. "A lot of people choose unhealthy foods that are a concentrated source of calories, high fat or sugary foods, junk food, that we all seem to like."

The theme for nutrition month to eat right, your way, everyday.

"It means we need to recognize and respect people’s individual lifestyles, the strong influence that culture and traditions and just food preparation preferences have on the food choices," said Gately.

Gately said if we can recognize the culture and traditions we can learn to make healthier alternatives to the foods we enjoy and do better with what we eat.