Real Estate Agents Have Buyers, But No Homes.

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 29, 2013 at 6:58 am

Realtor’s in Muskingum County are seeing a rise in interested buyers, but there just aren’t many properties to show them. The housing market is heating up and agents are looking for homes to sell.

"A lot of us realtors in this area, we have buyers with a certain price range and there’s just a real shortage in the market with listings. So all of us are kind of needing listings for our buyers to get them into a home of their choice," said Lepi Real Estate Agent, Christy Woodburn.

Woodburn says it’s turning into a "seller’s market" and that a lot of people who are interested in purchasing a new home. People are looking to relocate while rates are still low and while it’s getting nicer outside. Most buyers are looking for good school districts, lots of square footage, and updated furnaces and windows.

"It’s really picking up and I think that it’s a good thing for our area, and for the real estate business and for the sellers and the buyers because I think that there’s always something out there for somebody. If you’re a seller and you’re thinking about selling your house I really suggest this time of year. Get it on the market and get it ready to have it looked at and sold."

If you’re looking to list your house on the market or are interested in buying a home, you can contact Christy at