Roseville Works Towards Building Skate Park

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 28, 2013 at 8:43 am

About thirty people attended a public meeting at the Roseville Community Center earlier tonight to discuss the possibility of a skate park in their town. Over the past year there have been complaints and concerns about kids skating in the streets and in the roads. The goal of the meeting was to get feedback from Roseville’s community to see if a skate park is something they want.

"We’ve had plans in the past and it just hasn’t been followed through or we don’t get public participation in order for it to be followed through. Most of the grants that we have, require public participation and we need to get the whole community involved in order to do it," said Roseville Chief Fiscal Officer, Heidi Milner

Milner says if the community supports the cause then she will apply for grants from The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, The Tony Hawk Foundation and The Rob Dyrdek foundation for funding the skate park.

"Just stay tuned, if it continues then we’re going to need everybody’s support from letters to donations to participation in fundraisers and community leaders to step up and help."

You can show your support for the skate park by writing a letter, sending donations or being part of the committee.