Nichole Hannahs

School Levies and Their Affect on Home Values

by Nichole Hannahs on March 28, 2013 at 9:23 am

When a person looks at purchasing a home one factor that comes into play is the school district.

Dick Pryor is a real estate broker. He said buying a home is both an emotional and investment decision. For those with school children it become more emotional and even if two home are the same, if one is in a distinct seen as lacking the decision is easily made.

"Emotionally you can get stigmatized as yes or no, up or down, plus or minus," explained Pryor. "If you have a healthy school system then it’s going to be a better attitude toward that school district."

Pryor said this scenario plays out in the West Muskingum School District. Though the school has an excellent ranking, the failure to pass a levy affects the ability to sell a home.

"You’re going to have less people looking in your district and they are going to want a specific deal. They are going to want to pay less for that because it may not be up to standard as the opposing districts."

Pryor said it has seemed harder to sell homes in the West Muskingum School District. Since they have multiple failed levies.