Seven Scholarship Applications are Due Friday

by Katie McGraw on March 12, 2013 at 6:25 am

With the cost of college being an ever increasing and overwhelming burden, one option is for students to apply for scholarships.

The Muskingum County Community Foundation has seven scholarships available with over $65,000 to be awarded but you must move quickly if interested, the deadline to apply is this Friday.

 Heather Sands, the Director of College Access Programs said, "There are so many different scholarships, some of them are as simple as a letter of nomination, someone can nominate someone for the Carolyn Ann Weiner Scholarship to some others that are online applications,  where a student would have to write an essay, a very short essay and also share there information for why they are eligible for this scholarship. "

A new scholarship this year is for students graduating from a Muskingum County High School, who must be involved in extra-curricular, community and volunteer activities.

"This is the first year we are awarding it is the Grant Hickman Memorial Scholarship and that scholarship is for seniors in any county high school in Muskingum County including Morgan Sheridan and Cambridge high school. So we will be awarding at least 10,000 dollars out of that scholarship."

In order to help students meet the deadline, the team a MCCF will be available with later hours and through email this week ay Also, details on the seven scholarships will be on their website at

 The full list of scholarships are:

  • The Grant Hickman Memorial Scholarship
  • The Carolyn Ann Weiner Scholarship
  • The Muskingum County Democrat Club Scholarship
  • The Josephine Sebach Scholarship
  • The Margaret Carol Barringer Scholarship
  • The Beckwith Farm Scholarship