Nichole Hannahs

Spring is Here

by Nichole Hannahs on March 20, 2013 at 7:00 am

The official first day of spring is Wednesday, though it may not feel like it.

Though the temperatures are still cool one expert said this time of year is great to clean debris from the yard and transplant trees and plants because they are in a resting stage.

"If we transplant plants while they’re still in a resting stage or a dormant stage they adjust more readily and as long as the ground isn’t extremely wet we could dig a plant up and move it to another location in the yard," said OSU Extension Educator Mark Mechling.

Removing debris from the yard will also allow sunlight to touch the soil, warming it. While it’s too early for some plants others like lettuce, spinach and radishes will do well.

"They’ll actually do pretty good in raised beds, maybe our traditional garden soils are still wet and cold to do that, but a raised bed or container actually will warm up a little bit more," said Mechling.

Mechling said gardeners shouldn’t work the soil because it may become compacted and wait until mid April to put crab grass preventer on lawns. The frost free date in Ohio this year is May 20.