Students Rewarded for Reading

by Katie McGraw on March 4, 2013 at 6:36 am

It was a fun afternoon for the children at Falls Elementary School; They got a special reward for reaching a goal!

Last week, the school hosted the Scholastic Bookfair and Chairwoman, Jen Allen, came up with an idea to get the students to read more than just their general assignments.

" We had a school wide reading challenge to reach 30,000 minutes of reading time for the school as a whole and we came up with the figure based on kindergartners and first graders each reading for fifteen minutes per evening and second, third, and fourth graders for a half an hour, " said Allen.

Not only did the children reach their goal, they surpassed it by 11,000 minutes! And their reward was a school assembly to watch one student from each class silly string their principal, Beth Carpenter, who was happy to participate.

"It was fine except it was, the first shot when straight into my ear, but other than that it was fun and I would do anything to make sure the kids got what they wanted, they reached their goal and they deserve their reward because they had worked hard so I was really really proud of them, " Carpenter said.

Carpenter only hopes now the children continue to read for their own benefit and enjoyment.