Swift Water Rescue Training

by Katie McGraw on March 27, 2013 at 8:27 am

Today The Ohio Department Of Natural Resources Division Of Water Craft used The Licking River to practice it’s flood rescue techniques.

The Water Craft Division has jurisdiction over any body of water in the State of Ohio and will respond to major flooding anywhere in the country they are needed..

Training Coordinator of Water Craft Eric Reed said, "Flood rescues and anytime something floods in the state of Ohio. We have actually gone nationally and done flood rescues in our states, Katrina, Ike, we have done stuff like that any types of floods, swift waters, flat waters, urban, we call it urban flooding. Any type of flooding were someone may need rescue "

Some of the techniques they practiced were boat operations and shore based rescues.

"Yeah we have different days, different locations we are actually in Columbus tomorrow. We utilize a lot of low head dams, low head damn rescues, we do a lot of that in the state when we are called upon to do that. So we practice low head damn rescues and some techniques we would use at low head dams. "

Reed said if you find yourself in dangerous waters, use aggressive swimming, to try to get to the shore, or look for items in the water like trees or poles to hang on too.