The New Bakery Company has Gone 5 Years without Injury

by Katie McGraw on March 6, 2013 at 6:44 am

Steaming hot ovens, sharp blades, forklifts and slippery floors are all possible dangers for the employees at The New Bakery Company in Zanesville.

However, the company which produces the buns for thousands of Wendy’s and Arby’s restaurants had reason to celebrate today, they have gone five years without any lost time accidents.

Denise Eminhizer, the Health and Safety Manager explained, "Five years without a lost time accident doesn’t mean that nobody has had an injury or anything like that, but nobody has actually lost time where they couldn’t come to work and still perform some kind of job duty or their own job duty. "

This afternoon, with a free lunch of stuffed chicken, pulled pork and green beans, provided by classic fair catering, the team celebrated their impressive safety efforts.

" I think it is a team effort actually, we have the support from senior management to regular management to supervisors. It’s a team effort absolutely, our sanitation department, our maintenance department. If there is an issue found, where there is a hazard or something like that, that could cause an injury, our maintenance dept. is right there to take care of it. "

The largest risks employees face are the machinery, such as forklifts, or the conveyors that have blades and pinch points.