The New Genesis Hospital

by Katie McGraw on March 7, 2013 at 4:48 am

Genesis Healthcare System at Bethesda Hospital will be breaking ground soon for it’s new 200 million dollar medical center project.

The expanded genesis medical center will include several new features. A new ER and trauma department, ICU, Heart center, Operating rooms, new outpatient cancer centers and a new medial office building but the most notable changes for patients is what is being done to each individual room. "

Matthew Perry, Chief Executive Officer said "first of all they are private, all the new rooms, all of our new rooms in new medical center will be private rooms, they are all going to have their own bathroom and own shower and you cant say that for our rooms today, they are going to be larger spaces than our patients are used to today "

The main goal in the new design for the hospital is quality health care but through low cost

"You make a low cost high quality through excellent design," Perry said. "How do you make sure everything is exactly where it supposed to be?  That you waste no space and that you design in features that enable physicians and nurses to take exceptional care of patients."

The hospital officials did this through a variety of ways, first they traveled to 21 different hospitals and took away the best features of design and incorporated that into Bethesda’s Design.

"One of the best features we found was the patient server and what that does, it relocates all the supplies a nurse needs to take care of a patient to the patient room and we got the best design we found anywhere in the country, we are going to be able to use it right here in Zanesville”

Another money saving design plan was creating "Mock Rooms" that are to scale replicas of what potential hospital rooms would look like.

Curtis Theel said, "Develop the rooms, how big should they big how many should there be, what is inside the room, the orientation of the room and then all down to the detail that you can see behind me you know where the TV goes that kind of thing. "

Then  teams went through fake scenarios with physicians and nurses to determine where the best placement for outlets, equipment and sinks. Through the scenarios several changes were made to the mock rooms rather than the real rooms, that saved the hospital money by a factor of ten.

Perry said, "Another component about the mock rooms is that you are going to be able to get things exactly right and its really easy to change it now so you build it precisely correctly when you build the whole place. "

Several years of planning went into this design project to make it the best medical facility with the newest innovations and concepts to create an overall better health care experience. The groundbreaking for the new facility is set for May.