Three Maysville High School Students In Custody

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 14, 2013 at 10:13 am

Sheriff Lutz says three 17-year-old Maysville High School students are in custody for playing a prank on a friend involving air-soft pellet guns. At 9:45 this morning, the sheriff’s office received a call reporting what appeared to be a robbery involving three males carrying guns into a trailer and a description of their vehicles. Five deputy cruisers responded and found a car carrying Maysville High School students

"The individuals went into the trailer after going to the front and the back and were inside the trailer for a short period of time and left in three separate vehicles that were sitting in the driveway," said Sheriff Lutz.

The two other vehicles were found in the school parking lot. All five of the students involved were interviewed. Three were taken to the juvenile detention center. The victim and another student in the vehicle were not taken into custody. No real guns were present, and no guns made it into the school, but at least seven air-pellet guns were seized in the investigation.

"This could have ended up being a lock down for them if we wouldn’t have found this car because we wouldn’t have known where the suspects went. We would have been in the area looking for the suspects."

The case will be presented to Prosecutor Mike Haddox. The students will face disciplinary actions by the school which could include suspension or expulsion. The students could be charged with inducing panic.