Three Vehicle Crash

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 3, 2013 at 9:39 am

The three vehicle crash occured on I-70 . The Ohio State Patrol responded to a call about a single vehicle crash where a car had rolled over into the grassy median. While the responding patrol officer was waiting on back-up and fire personnel to assist, she saw another crash coming her way.

"I saw the red truck lose control on the bridge. And I thought he was going to get it back under control but he came off, and I ran because I didn’t want to get hit and he ran into the rear end of the patrol car and came to rest up to the vehicle that had already wrecked," said Sgt. Kay Perkins.

The Ohio State Patrol said that the drivers lost control because of snow that accumulated on the nearby bridge and then turned into ice. The Ohio State Patrol advises drivers to slow down and take it easy when the weather gets bad. They also noted that ODOT does the best that they can to salt the roads to make them safer for drivers.

"The initial crash in the dark vehicle, he had a couple bruises, no serious injuries. The driver of the red truck apparently hit his face on the steering wheel when he hit the patrol car so he has some facial injuries, maybe a broken nose. "

Sgt. Perkins was not injured and both drivers were cited with failure to control.