TID is Here to Stay

by Katie McGraw on March 27, 2013 at 8:18 am

The Muskingum County Transportation Improvement District board is going to stay just the way it is.

Back in January the board considered ending the local TID group because there were no projects in the works yet the program still had annual expenses, plus the state funding structure had recently changed. So they used these two months to do research and come back with evidence of how the TID is positive for area projects.

Board Member Mike Jacoby said,  "We talked about the power of the TID and basically it gives you more flexibility to do a local project and the ability to use creative sources of fund 58 and just to get a project done more quickly than if you are relying on the state."

Jacoby says in a slow project year the board would wonder if TID was worth the cost.

"And so what we have been able to do with the help of the commissioners and representative help is basically just figure out a way to knock those costs in half but I think we can feel pretty good about what the TID has done and we think having it around it around as another tool and another resource, means we can do more things in the future."

Jacoby said now that TID is not going anywhere the most likely first project will be the Grant Cliff Bridge.