Time to Dust Off the Lawn Mower!

by Katie McGraw on March 26, 2013 at 6:29 am

During the cold winter season, the green grass becomes dormant and stops growing.

Once spring is in full bloom and it warms up to around 60 degrees, the grass will start to grow and anyone with a lawn will be dusting off the mower. Now is the best time to prep lawn care equipment.

Ryan Dodson, President of American Pride Power Equipment said, "Last year was a drought also people didn’t put a ton of hours on their mower but that would be a key reason to do the service because it was so dry and there was so much dust and debris in the air even though you may not have put as many hours on your mowers."

American Pride offers plenty of mowing options and when contemplating to spend a lot or a little there are a few points to keep in mind,

"Are buying time, and longevity, because a homeowner with a few acres are instead of spending two thousand dollars every 4 or 5 years on a basic riding mower you spend 7 to 10 thousand dollars once and it is a lifetime mower and it takes you a third of the time to get the lawn down and do a better job"

Dodson guesses it will be about two weeks before the grass begins to grow again