Weather Week Just In Time For Storm

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 4, 2013 at 6:28 am

The purpose of the observance is for emergency management agencies to get information out to the public about severe weather, and to educate people on taking the right precautions.

"Well the big thing is, know the risk where you live. Whether you live in a low line area where you could be flooded, whether you’re around a lot of trees, if you’re in a mobile home. Things like that. Know your own risk and with that risk, understand what you need to do to make yourself safe," said Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency Director, Bo Keck.

It’s important for families to have an emergency plan for their home and to go over it with their families. The plan will prepare you and your family on where to meet and where to go if an emergency happens. Non-perishable food, water, candles, generators, flashlights and a battery operated radio are always important items to stock up on in case of an emergency.

"We have a new alert notification system to where we’ll try and alert people and we’ll give them places to go. During the storm of last year, we set up shelters for people to go to and so forth.We work real close with the Red Cross get that done and to try and get that information out to the people."

The Muskingum County EMA office wants to remind people that at 9:50 a.m.. Wednesday, all of the tornado sirens in Ohio will  be tested. For tips and advice on creating an emergency plan for your family, you can  call the Muskingum County EMA at 740-453-1655.