WHIZ Virtual Bowling for Kids Sake

by Katie McGraw on March 20, 2013 at 7:02 am

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Bowl For Kids Sake Fundraiser is underway and today some WHIZ employees took part in a Wii Tournament.

In order to raise some extra money for the bowling benefit, members of our staff took part in a preliminary competition. Tomorrow there will be championship game for the grand prize between the Z92 morning radio host AC Carter and WHIZ employee Ronda Osborne.

Liz West, Senior Accountant at WHIZ and Event Organizer said, "It was was a five dollar entry five and a 50 dollar prize for whoever wins we had 8 people sign up and AC won this morning and Ronda won this afternoon so they will play in the morning for the grand prize. "

WHIZ hopes to raise even more money .

"We are also selling this raffle tickets, the big brothers big sisters strike it raffle, so we have raised about 100 dollars for that i believe."

If you wish to buy “Strike It Big Raffle Tickets you can come to the station or give us a call at 740-452-5431or send us an email at newsroom@whizmediagroup.com