8 Students Threatened In Letter Sent to West Muskingum Middle School

by Courtney Wheaton on April 17, 2013 at 8:13 am

The Muskingum County Sheriff’s office is investigating a letter sent to West Muskingum Middle School threatening 8 students.

Director of Special Services Donn Steer said that he will not release the contents of the letter, but the situation is being taken very seriously.

Steer said " Right after we received the letter we put in place our safe schools plan which is required by law for us to have then after that we contacted the Muskingum County Sheriffs Office, and they came and they are currently investigating this incident. "

The parents of the students named in the letter have been notified and some opted to take their children out of school for the day while others left their children in class. Steer said  he understood their concern because he is a parent.

He said " The parents are very concerned with their children’s safety as would I, I am a father of two boys and I would be concerned as well, but right now we feel that safe measures have been put in place. the Muskingum County Sheriffs Office along with our district feel that students are safe at this time."

Classes were not interrupted during today’s investigation.