A Green Chair brings Awareness to Organ Donation

by Courtney Wheaton on April 29, 2013 at 6:49 am

The Genesis Healthplex hosted an event bringing awareness to organ transplants and donations.

Lifeline of Ohio is an organization that educates Ohioans about the need for organ and tissue donations. Connie Sivard knows first hand how important getting an organ can be.

"I was affected, it was devastating. I lost the love of my life and you have to try to move on from that and it’s hard, it’s very hard it difficult, but you do so I just poured myself into this so that something good will come out of that, " Sivard said.

The campaign is centered around a green chair. The chair represents loss when empty, hope when full, and the memory of the loved ones who once sat in a similar chair. Adam Burkhart sat in the chair,a transplant gave him a second chance.

"My wife and I Kaylie just had this little bundle of joy about 6 months ago. Her name is Quinn. Without the life loving decision for someone to be an organ donor I wouldn’t be here today and she wouldnt either, " Burkhart said.

Volunteers with Donate Life hope that people will educate themselves about organ donations. They say its cost nothing but can mean everything.