Bike Show At Colony Square Mall

by Mackenzie Stasko on April 14, 2013 at 11:44 am

The 2013 Bike Show displayed all different types of motorcycles inside Colony Square Mall, including classic models and newer Hondas, Harley’s, and BMW’s.

"Just to draw attention to the people. Some of the bikers think they’re not good enough to go to church just because they’ve got tattoos or long hair and we want to show them that everybody needs to go to church. We’re trying to touch the people that don’t think that they’re good enough to go is really what it is," said motorcyclist, Jeff Ackley.

The bikers gave out crosses, necklaces and books while taking prayer requests from people at the mall and promoted The Dwight Reynolds Memorial Ride coming up on June 15.

"He was a very avid motorcyclist, went to church and was a good Christian. He was killed in a funeral procession last year and they’re just having a ride for the year event since he killed. He was really a brother of ours. "

Ackley says it’s important for drivers to watch out for bikers on the road and to make sure you’re alert while driving. He says you don’t need a motorcycle to come to the Rushing Wind Biker Church, anyone is welcome.