Cake Auction Comes to an End

by Courtney Wheaton on April 29, 2013 at 6:49 am

Organizers are calling the 27th annual Carr center cake auction a huge success.

The two day event last week at the Colony Square Mall in Zanesville raised more than 130,000 dollars for the Carr Center.

"We raised more per cake than we did last year, so we had to be pleased and like every year we never set a goal.Were just tickled to death to get whatever we can and this year was no exception, " Bucci said.

Auctioneer Stephen Vincent says that the event is a true representation of Muskingum County and that getting involved is contagious.

" I hit on this every time come out and spend a half hour with us, come out to the mall and feel the excitement, feel the generosity, feel the enthusiasm and positive attitudes that everybody out there has. It’s almost like drug you get hooked on it. Its so much fun," Vincent said.

Bucci says that they have already started planning for next years event and he urges people who didn’t get a chance to experience the cake auction to participate next year.