Nichole Hannahs

Call Center Seeks Employee

by Nichole Hannahs on April 8, 2013 at 6:47 am

The 211 call center searches for a person to help respond to the community’s needs.

The center recently decided to take a full-time position and split it into two part-time positions. They’re currently looking for a person to fill one of these positions. The change gives the center more flexibility.

"Being a small call center it gets really challenging if somebody is sick or somebody wants vacation," said Call Center Manager Audrey Foster. "It’s really challenging to fill those hours, so by splitting that full time position into two part times we’ll have more flexibility and be able to give people time off that they need and deserve."

Foster said they’re looking for someone that has some experience working in a call center or is familiar with databases. She also wants someone that is a good listener and knows the area.

"If you’re familiar with some of the agencies and human services that are available out in the community it just gives you a better connection. You’re talking to folks, they need that kind of help, you’ll have to step forward, you’ll know what’s already available maybe in there," explained Foster.

The call center services Perry, Muskingum and Morgan Counties. To apply visit the United Way’s website. The position is 20 hours a week and pays $11 an hour. Applications should be in by April 19.