Carr Center Enriches Community through Programs

by Courtney Wheaton on April 23, 2013 at 4:59 am

A local center provides programs that enrich the lives of the community’s youngest and oldest members.

The Carr Center is more than just a yearly cake auction, it provides programs that cater to the needs of the community. This includes education for the youth, community service projects, and adult day service for the elderly.

"In our facility we provide great intervention, entertainment,meals and snacks a wonderful activities program that allows a family member pehaps to work and still support their parent at home," Excecutive Director of the Carr Center Kim Hosler said.

The center also has annual fundraising events to generate money.

" We typically have an annual golf outing. I think this year were going to push that off until September, yes well be having that as well as we do a lot of small things that keep us going," Hosler said.

One of the most popular fundraising events the center has is their cake auction. The 27th annual Carr Center Cake Auction will take place this Thursday and Friday. They will auction off six cakes every fifteen minutes and Hosler said thay they have more than 400 donations. The event will be broadcast live on AM 1240 radio.