Celebrating a 101st Birthday

by Katie McGraw on April 16, 2013 at 8:08 am

One of Zanesville’s oldest residents is celebrating a special birthday today. Pearl Thompson was born on April 16, 1912 and that means she is 101 years old.

Born and raised in Ohio, Thompson worked at Brockway Glass for 20 years, was a hospital volunteer, and has a large family; who visits her often at autumn health care. Today there was a special party to celebrate Thompson’s birthday!

"Oh I sure did, I got my hair done, didn’t even have to pay for it! And they had things for me at lunch, which was really nice. And then evening we are going out to dinner, " said Thompson.

If you were wondering what the secret is to living a hundred years plus, Thompson isn’t sure how she did it.

" I don’t know! I always a lot of pretty good food, and I lived in the country for quite a while, but I had nine children and three husbands."

Thompson got to pick the menu for her big day, opting for sweet potato pie over traditional birthday cake.