Fire Next to Glenn Museum Update

by Katie McGraw on April 24, 2013 at 6:45 am

One of the oldest homes in New Concord erupted in fire around noon Monday. It happened at 68 West Main Street.

New Concord Assistant Fire Chief Troy Cole says no one was hurt in the blaze and only one person was home. Crews from New Concord, Cassell Station, Perry Township and Falls Township, responded to the fire and took about 10 minutes to get it contained. The cause remains under investigation, but fire investigators say it appears to have started on the first floor.

"They had flames,” said Cole. “They had everything that you would expect for that old of a house, it’s a bad thing for New Concord, that is one of the oldest houses in the village still. And is because of the construction causing a little problem, that’s why we have to chase the fire a little bit right now. Little hot spots that we cant get to."

The structure, which has been a home and an antique shop, is heavily damaged from the flames, smoke and water.

“I’m going to go with $60,000 its not totaled but its going to be pretty expensive to fix that just because it is such an old house. It’s pretty extensive right now, a lot of fire damage actually on the first floor, a little on the second floor, a lot of smoke damage throughout the house though. Smoke and water right now."  Living in the home was Brianna and Clark Cambell, Amy Newberry and Anna Walters.  The Muskingum Valley Red Cross is helping them with funds for clothes and food. The victims will be staying with relatives.

The building sits next to the John and Annie Glenn Historic Site and there is a coffee shop on the same property but unattached and undamaged.  Living in the home were Brianna and Clark Campbell, Amy Newberry and Anna Walters. The Red Cross is helping with funds to go shopping for clothes and food.