Gambling Problems In Ohio

by Mackenzie Stasko on April 11, 2013 at 6:37 am

Muskingum Behavioral Health Services will soon be seeing money from Ohio’s casinos.

The organization will receive a small portion of revenue from gambling houses across the state which will go towards screening residents for gambling problems and giving treatments and interventions to people with gambling problems.

"We are screening all of our clients through the months of April, May and June just to see how many clients have been impacted by problem gambling and pathological gambling. Once we get those numbers reported to the board, we are supposed to get a percentage, it’s a small percentage that trickles down to us," said Chemical Dependency Counselor, Jessica Jewell.

Jewells says bingo, scratch offs, internet cafe games and even March Madness are all forms of gambling and some of the warning signs are being preoccupied by the thought of gambling, becoming restless and irritable when you’re not gambling and using gambling as a way to escape.

"Many times gambling goes unidentified. Many times there’s an overlap between substance abuse, mental health, and gambling addictions so many times people don’t come out and seek treatment for gambling addiction but I think this is kind of forcing us to do the screens in advance before they say, ‘Hey by the way I have a gambling problem.’ It’s kind of surprising we’re seeing more people than what we anticipated that have possible problem gambling behaviors."

If  you think you may have a gambling problem, you can contact the Muskingum Behavioral and Health Services at 740-454-1266 for help.