Genesis Health Care Receives Bronze Stroke Achievement Award

by Katie McGraw on April 17, 2013 at 8:19 am

Genesis Health Care System is being recognized for another accomplishment in the neuroscience department.

The Stroke Bronze Achievement Award from the American Heart Association recognizes Genesis’ commitment and success in it’s stroke patient care.

"This is an award that the American Heart Association presents to health care systems to have achieved a high rate of compliance with seven different parameters over a period of time," said Stroke Medical Director for Genesis, Bryan Bjornstad.

The Bronze Award recognizes three months of achievement including types of treatment, addressing different stroke risk factors, prevention of blood clots, and most critically for stroke patients, timing of treatment

"It is important for people to understand time is brain. We want them to get to the hospital as soon as they can, whether it is calling 911 or otherwise. But really calling 911 is ideal. The sooner they get to the hospital, we can start emergency treatment sooner, the faster they get the treatment is the more brain we can potentially save with those treatments."

The next goal for Genesis Health Care recognition is, the Silver Achievement Award, which is similar to the bronze, but it will be in compliance with the guidelines for a full year.