Health and Fitness Day

by Katie McGraw on April 2, 2013 at 6:50 am

Campus Safety Week At OUZ And Zane State continued today with a focus on health and fitness

The goal of Safety Week is to appeal to every student on campus. So today majors in sports management, nursing, and exercise enthusiasts, benefited from the fitness line up which included a program from Genesis Lifestyle and Fitness.

Becky Weir, Program Coordinator for Genesis Lifestyle and Fitness said, "We taught some of our program classes, we did little demonstrations for each class that we do offer at the fitness center. We did pound and we did boot camp and we did some zumba. "

In the afternoon, members of the National Guard were ready to use military basic training in order to build a persons endurance and motivation.

Sergeant Nathan McKenzie said, "But it does help if you have somebody coming up to you. If you are just by yourself doing these exercises and there is not somebody around you monitoring you, it’s a little easier to give up but what we try to do is we try to help you. Sometimes it’s a little more aggressive sometimes its a little more relaxed but its just to see how much heart you have and how far you can push yourself. "

Safety week continues tomorrow with fire and ems programs and on Thursday it is basic safety including lock down procedures and driving safety,.