Highway Patrol and Motorcycle Organization Promote Safe Driving

by Courtney Wheaton on April 23, 2013 at 6:33 am

A motorcylcle rights organization wants to inform the public about motorcycle safety.

The American Bikers Aimed Towards Education is a non profit group. ABATE rides around the state to educate the public about safe motorcycle operating practices and to promote a positive image of motorcyclist. May is Motorcycle Awarness Month and a time when motorcylclist are getting back on their bikes.

"The biggest problem is with the motorcyclist, when the weather turns warm everybody gets their motorcycles out and a lot of their riding skills arent up to snuff when they first start out in the spring. People aren’t expecting to see them so soon a lot of times its kind of a two edge sword, whether the motorist are used to us being out there and whether the bikers up their skills riding," Region II Director of ABATE said.

State trooper of Zanesville, Mike Forshey explains that education is key in preventing accidents. Paying attention to cyclist could save a life.

" I don’t even know the number of motorcycle accidents we had last year would be but the serious injury accidents on motorcycles, there were 3 fatalities. There were a lot of motorcycle accidents where people survived the crash and the common denominator is I didn’t see," Forshey said.

The ABATE group of Ohio has monthly meetings here in Zanesville and anyone is welcome to come.