Local Father Witnesses Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath

by Courtney Wheaton on April 19, 2013 at 6:54 am

The frantic search for the second suspect from the Boston Marathon Bombings continues after the other suspect was shot to death by police. Friday night a Zanesville father has a real connection to all the chaos.

Paul Masterson is the Chief Financial Officer at Genesis Health-Care. His son goes to M-I-T, where a campus police officer was shot and killed by the bombing suspects. and he was in Boston earlier this week for hospital business.

‘It was actually pretty crazy. I got there on Tuesday obviously the blast, the bombs went on on Monday at the marathon. I was staying 3 blocks from the finish line of the marathon. A lot of news trucks, hundred of news trucks were there from all over, particularly from the east coast, "said Masterson.

His son lives near the location where the campus officer was shot.

" Hes in lockdown he goes to M-I-T. He lives about a five minute walk from where the police officer was shot and killed and actually the police officer was killed right outside a building that he has a number of classes in," said Masterson.

Masterson says his son is fine. He believes that Boston is a resilient community that has a lot of pride to deal with this event.