Nichole Hannahs

Marketing Muskingum County

by Nichole Hannahs on April 24, 2013 at 6:47 am

Muskingum County continues to market itself to potential businesses.

Recently the Port Authority attended a broker’s open house in Pittsburgh to show off land, office and manufacturing space available in Muskingum County.

They worked to target those in the Marcellus Shale development, who may have an interest in our area with Utica Shale. They’ll continue to market the area along with 15 other counties in Columbus.

"If you aren’t doing that it’s really hard for people to find even in the corporate real estate community," said Executive Director Mike Jacoby. "They’re looking for properties and they’ve got the connections with the buyers or the tennants and so we just think it’s a natural fit."

Jacoby said that each county picks three properties to feature at the open house. The port has chosen one property at Eastpointe, the other is office space in the Buckeye Building and a manufacturing facility on the Longaberger Campus.

"It’s kind of the low hanging fruit you can spend a lot on marketing, but if you can get those people you can save a lot of expense," explained Jacoby.

At Wednesday’s Port Authority they also discussed maintaining roads and sewer at Eastpointe . Jacoby said at this time there’s no big ticket repairs that need to take place.