Meet Authors of “Eighteen Days to the Massacre”

by Katie McGraw on April 10, 2013 at 9:02 am

Muskingum County residents will never forget the day Terry Thompson released his exotic animals which caused a local panic.

A book written about that fateful day, Eighteen Days to the Massacre, was published this past December by Thompson’s friend and animal caretaker John Moore. Later this month a public discussion about the book will be held. The story follows Moore and Thompson during the final days leading up to the events of October 18th, when exotic animals were let loose at a farm off Kopecheck road.

Co-Author of 18 Days to the Massacre, John Moore, "They should read the books and learn about animal conservation and how important it is for private owners to have lions tigers and bears because in the wild they are pretty much extinct. And private owners like terry was getting the bread alive and that’s what the book needs to promote."

Now that the book has been on shelves for the past few months, Moore and co-author Teresa Headley, are having their first public speaking engagement regarding exotic animal owners rights.

"And so the event next week is really about why anybody would want to raise exotics what the current laws are right now whats happening with the supreme court battle and what responsible owners are doing to educate and teach about the exotic population."

The author’s event is on Thursday April 18th from 5-7 p.m. at the Ohio university Zanesville/Zane State Campus Library.