Money Reward for Lost Dog

by Katie McGraw on April 10, 2013 at 12:10 pm

For the past two weeks on the WHIZ Facebook page, hundreds of people in our local community, have come together to search for a Cambridge family’s pet.

Dana and Rachel Todd boarded their Stafford-shire terrier Labrador mix named Fabio at a local kennel while they were on vacation. but the dog got loose and is still missing.

Dana Todd, Fabio’s Owner said "But we are just so close to him he has been a member of our family. When we brought him home he was very scared, very timid. He doesn’t really like men except for me. Most men he will run away from so if somebody tries to approach him, he loves kids and he loves women. So he is just a great dog "

The family is so grateful for the countless shares, likes and comments on Facebook regarding Fabio and now they are offering the one-thousand dollar reward for anyone who finds Fabio alive and well.

"I mean the people in Zanesville, the people in New Concord, Norwich, Cambridge, lots of people we don’t even know; coming out, helping, printing fliers. I really appreciate the help that everybody is giving us. At this point I just really want to find my dog. That’s all I care about."

He was last seen by Boggs Road near the Adamsville exit yesterday morning. If you spot Fabio, contact Rachel Todd at 740-680-7268