New ER Entrance At Bethesda

by Mackenzie Stasko on April 12, 2013 at 6:41 am

Starting Monday, a fence will be put up around the Emergency Department at the Bethesda Campus to start the new expansion of the hospital. The Emergency Department will remain open and patients can enter through the main entrance of the hospital.

"What that does though is it stops the entrance both for ambulances and walk-in patients to the emergency room. The only way they can access is through the front hall or the front entrance of the hospital itself. We’ll still be open. We’re going to be staffing that 24-hours with training personnel so if the patient walks in the organization, comes up to the front door, they’ll be able to get directed or escorted back to the emergency room," said Chief Operating Officer, Richard Helsper.

All of the ambulances will be directed to the Good Samaritan Campus. Helsper says there will be a lot of signage around the hospital directing incoming patients to the main entrance.

"One of the things that’s really important to understand is this is not going to change the services provided at Bethesda."

The fencing will block off over 100 parking spots but both the Maple Avenue and the Bethesda Drive entrances will still be accessible.