Red Cross Gives Tips On Preparing For An Emergency

by Mackenzie Stasko on April 5, 2013 at 6:47 am

The Red Cross and AmeriCorps advise families to make a disaster plan, choose an out-of-town contact and come up with escape routes and safe places to meet in case an emergency happens.

"We go out to speak at different groups. Anybody that will have us speak. I’ve done a lot of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, trying to educate people in the community on how to be prepared in the event of a disaster," said Martha Stanley, Community Disaster Educator for AmeriCorps and The Red Cross.

You can pick up basic things like non-perishable food, toilet paper, water, light sticks, flashlights and blankets at the grocery store to put in your at home emergency kit. You can use a duffel bag or a backpack to store emergency items and other important things your family might need.

"I think the one right now we’re probably talking about the most are thunder storms because it’s spring and we’re going to have thunder storms. But any disaster. Fire, how to be prepared, have your children prepared. Tornadoes, be aware of what’s going on in your area and be aware of the warning signs."

If you’re interested in creating a home emergency kit or would like Staley to speak at an event about preparing for a disaster, you can stop by The Red Cross or you can give them a call at 740-452-2731