Residents Concerned Over Ordinance At Council

by Mackenzie Stasko on April 23, 2013 at 4:55 am

Ordinance 13-27 was tabled at Zanesville City Council Monday night after three concerned residents petitioned to speak on the topic.

Residents were concerned about why the land, near the airport, hasn’t been maintained and why it’s not being used for recreation.

"It’s a piece of property that has no actual road frontage. The access to the property has since been transferred to the Muskingum Valley Park District. It abuts Port Authority property that does have road frontage so it does make a considerably good lot when both acreage’s are combined for a potential commercial industrial business out in the Industrial Park," said Mike Sims, Director of Public Information.

The 21 acres of land was donated to the city years ago with a requirement that the land be used as a city park for at least 20-years. Technically the acreage is considered a park, but hasn’t been maintained due to lack of city funding.

"Unlike some people say, we’re not trying to scam the public or try and do something underhanded. It’s simply probably a good investment for the city to partner up with the Port Authority to make this a viable piece of property."

Council will meet again in two weeks to discuss the ordinance further.