Runway Ready Fashion Challenge

by Mackenzie Stasko on April 12, 2013 at 9:06 am

Runway ready, a fashion show and challenge event inspired by project runway, was held at the John McIntire Library Auditorium Friday night. The runway challenge is the annual fundraiser for a local non-profit organization called C.A.S.S.-M.I.N.D. Academy. The organization’s goal is to keep kids in school and to educate them using alternative learning.

"What we did was we actually emulated what the show does.This is our semi-final but we’ve been running quarter-finalists and we have participating with us, Ohio State and the Ohio Creative Arts, Kent State and also some designers from Zanesville, Ohio," said CEO of C.A.S.S.-M.I.N.D. Academy,  Cassandra McDonald.

Make-up artists from Mary Kay were at Runway Ready helping the models prepare and one of the judges is Zanesville’s own, Nathaniel Paul who competed on Project Runway.

"She just thought this was a great way to encourage young people and inspiring artists to follow their dreams and she came up with this idea for people to come in and make outfits. We’re very excited to try on the fashions," said Runway Ready model, Mary Jane Shackelford.