Nichole Hannahs

Second Look at the Lorena

by Nichole Hannahs on April 10, 2013 at 4:31 am

The Lorena Sternwheeler continues attempts to be river ready in time for the boating season.

The Coast Guard came back to Zanesville, Tuesday, to further inspect the 104 foot long boat. The first time in Zanesville they came to the conclusion that there was serious damage to the boat, but Captain Page said another look changed their opinion.

"We had some damage to the side of the hull from an electric current type thing that hadn’t existed before," said Lorena Captain Bill Page. "The condition of the boat is very good. This was a surprise to us. We had electrolysis eating into the hull and that’s what they weren’t sure about, how much damage was done."

Captain Page said they’ll need to some soundings on the Lorena and send them to the Coast Guard who’ll give a recommendation as to how serious the repairs will be. An estimate will be put together so county commissioners can review their options.

Captain Page said he’s worked on the boat for 10 years and it’s very important.

"It brings a lot of tourism into Zanesville. It’s now becoming a destination for tourism," said Captain Page. "Zanesville itself is so unique. Go somewhere else and try and find a boat like this. A lot of cities would like to have not only the river, but something to bring tourism. We have a lot to offer in Zanesville."

Captain Page said he’d like to have the boat back in the water by May 15th in order to be ready for school groups that are taking rides on the vessel.

The public boating season begins in June.