Nichole Hannahs

St. Jude’s Walk on Saturday

by Nichole Hannahs on April 15, 2013 at 8:57 am

A love for a brother prompts a local man to challenge residents to raise money for a cancer hospital.

The 2nd Annual St. Jude’s walk for Dan Fraunfelter will take place Saturday April 20 at Ohio University Zanesville’s Collegiate Park. Dan’s brother helped to organize the event and said the hospital was important to Dan.

"He passed away when you really didn’t thing you should pass away at 60 years of age," said Organizer Jim Fraunfelter. "This possibly with all the help and everything from family may be what helps save or gives life to somebody."

This walk has a twist to it. You don’t have to be at OUZ to take part. You can walk anywhere.

"I have family that are walking in California, family that is walking in Kansas, Cleveland. My mom is in a nursing home and my aunt is in a nursing home they are walking in a nursing home. So, it’s not that have to be there to participate, but it’s just for a good cause,." said Fraunfelter

Fraunfelter said if you wish to donate to St. Jude’s you can do so by going to St. Jude’s website or showing up the morning of walk. Last year they raised almost $2,000 for the hospital.