Teen Driver Safety Event

by Katie McGraw on April 16, 2013 at 8:04 am

AAA Auto Club was at Maysville High School this afternoon to inspect students vehicles and to discuss safe driving practices in order to keep them safe behind the wheel.

Student’s cars were inspected for proper wipers, lights, tires, fluids, batteries and belts.

AAA Spokesperson, Kimberly Schwind said, "Many people don’t realize that maintenance actually goes hand in hand with safety. Even the best driver could be stuck in a bad situation if they get caught on the side of the road with a bad tire or dead battery or any other break down. So we really want to make sure these teens are driving safe vehicles. "

AAA will head to 14 Ohio schools in the next few weeks. Schwind noted after the first school, near Columbus last week, 80 percent of the vehicles inspected failed some portion of the maintenance check and Maysville was no different.

"The struts are bad and they are really rusty, I need new tires, oil pressure needs checked really bad, because there was a really bad oil leak, " said Jordan Keys, a Maysville High School Student

The event was held in anticipation of what has been determined as the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers between Memorial Day and Labor Day.