The Picture of Muskingum County Health

by Katie McGraw on April 29, 2013 at 6:48 am

On Monday, The Zanesville Muskingum County Health Department, released the results of a report on the health of county residents.

The Healthier Muskingum County Network performed four assessments of the community to gather information and the picture of health is the base data that resulted from these four assessments

"And so you will find a wide variety of information in there about were people live, the health status, and how they feel about certain parts of their health,” said Community Health Planner, Jody Stones. “So we are still high in smoking, we have about 60% of our counties are overweight or obese."

As an Appalachian County, there are certain social and economic issues, that feed directly into why residents have poor health.

"When it all boils down, I think it’s two parts. It’s how under-served we are and the need for people to be employed, to make a higher income, and to break out of that poverty style of living and the second piece is how we choose to live."

Lifestyle choices include: not smoking, eating well, and being active, which lowers your risk factors. The picture of health can be seen in its entirety at