Nichole Hannahs

Traffic Safety Event Held

by Nichole Hannahs on April 4, 2013 at 6:58 am

More than 100,000 crashes every year involve drivers who are texting.

Triple A and AT&T spoke to students at Ohio University Zanesville about the dangers of texting. The Triple A Foundation for Traffic Safety found that 61 percent of drivers 16-24 years-old admitted to texting while driving, compared to 35 percent of the general driving population.

In March, it became a primary offense for teen drivers to text and a secondary offense for adults. It’s too early to tell if the legislation will cut down on accidents.

"It’s really not been all that long. Just a little over a month that officers have been able to write citations for this, so it’s really too soon too tell what impact the law is having," said Triple A Spokesperson Kimberly Schwind. "We really hope that the law combined with educational efforts and strong enforcement will help to curb texting while driving her in Ohio."

As part of the day Triple A held vehicle inspections. Schwind said this is the time of year to get vehicles ready for summer.

"What we noticed this winter compared to last winter is that this winter was much harder on our vehicles," said Schwind. "There’s a lot of wear and tear on the vehicles that really needs to be looked at, checked, inspected in the spring before we get into the heat of summer."

During the inspections Triple A looked at everything from tires, to batteries to belts. Schwind said many people put off repairs to save money, but in the end that could end up costing you more.