Ways To Prevent Hearing Loss

by Mackenzie Stasko on April 7, 2013 at 11:43 am

Avada Hearing Centers were at the Community Health Fair at Colony Square Mall Friday and Saturday educating people on the risks of hearing loss and how to prevent it.

Representatives from Avada gave out information on hearing loss and and gave free otoscope exams to let people see inside their ear to see if they were impacted with wax and what their ear drums looked like.

"We give full hearing evaluations and we do screenings also. We test speech testing because that’s very important, most people who have any kind of hearing loss, it’s more about the speech understanding than just hearing noises. It’s all about the speech," said Hearing Instrument Specialist, Diane Perkins.

Perkins says genetics and loud noises are two big factors that contribute to hearing loss.

"That’s why people don’t notice hearing loss until later. They’ve mowed the grass for 25-30-years with no hearing protection or worked on the tractor and chain sawed. You don’t think about it because you’re fine but later on in life it destroys your nerves in there is what happens and you can’t understand speech very well."

Perkins says one way to prevent hearing loss is to turn music’s volume down and always wear hearing protection when using loud machinery