Wild Turkey Hunt

by Mackenzie Stasko on April 13, 2013 at 11:53 am

About 70 people participated in The Gary Finnicum Memorial Wheelin’ Sportsmen Spring Turkey Hunt at Blue Rock State Forest early Saturday morning.

"It is designed for handicapped hunters and we were fortunate, we had 20 handicapped hunters that went into the field this morning along with at least two guides per each hunter. The guide is the one that’s calling the bird in for them and telling the hunter when to shoot and bringing the harvest back in," said Kathy Hollman, Co-Chairman of the NWTF Out Reach Program.

Both the guides and hunters were required to go over rules and regulations and hunter safety tips before hunting. The Y-City Longbeards Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation received a "special hunt" permit from the ODNR Division of Wildlife and Division of Forestry to be able to hunt.

"It works really well because this way they get out and they have the woods to themselves so to speak and gives them a good opportunity to have some success or even just get out and have an enjoyable day in the woods so it’s a great event. It’s probably one of our most successful special hunts that we have," said Scott Zody of the Division of Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources.

The hunters and guides enjoyed a barbecue after the hunt and were given door prizes and awards.