Women in Leadership Positions

by Katie McGraw on April 5, 2013 at 6:50 am

In the past century women have made monumental changes in society. Many graduating from college and moving on to leadership positions but getting to those power roles is still a challenge.

Today, college students enrolled in a seminar class at Ohio University Zanesville, were given the opportunity to ask candid questions to a panel of four women with leadership roles in their personal careers.

Liesta Walker, Professor for Child & Family Studies said, "We think about what women in the community could represent a good idea of women in leadership; in a historical perspective, so we always make sure we have a more mature adult and a business perspective, maybe an educational perspective and from a younger perspective. "

The panel consisted of Mollie Crooks from Big Brothers Big Sisters, W-H-I-Z’s Jennifer Bullock, educator Elizabeth Burrier, And Sue Wilson Vice President of The Community Bank.

"So they all four are sharing their history, their story in relationship to what challenges did you have? Did you have male mentors? Female mentors? Did you have to face a lot of discriminatory issues in your rise to leadership? And what is happening now in your position. "

Professor Walker wants her students to recognize, women need to work together and help one another, to get to those positions and to keep the powerful female legacy