Zanesville Native Finishes Boston Marathon Just In Time

by Mackenzie Stasko on April 16, 2013 at 9:13 am

Cindy Courtain, an avid runner, was still in the vicinity of the finish line when the explosions went off. We spoke to her mother who says she talked to her daughter afterwards, and says she is just fine.

"I called her as soon as I saw the news and she had just crossed the finish line and was getting water when she heard the first explosion and that’s all she said. Everything just kind of went different at that time," said Mother of Cindy Courtain, Margene Ryan.

Ryan says Courtain and her husband tried to help another runner find his wife after the explosions went off and says they had difficulty getting through the phone lines in Boston.

"Her time in that race was 04:05:02 and on the time on the clock, it showed 04:09:02 so I mean she’s a pretty fortunate young lady."

Ryan’s daughter and son-in-law are staying in a hotel in Boston that is currently on lockdown and will head to New York once it’s safe to leave. Other residents from our area were also at the race and are reportedly uninjured. At least 3 people died in the explosion and around 140 were injured.