A Zanesville Hospital is First in Ohio for a Medical Procedure

by Courtney Wheaton on May 2, 2013 at 7:06 am

A Zanesville hospital is the first Ohio hospital to perform a new type of neck surgery.

Genesis Healthcare now provides the PCM cervical disk procedure for their patients. It changes the way neck surgery is performed.

"The idea of any type of neck surgery is to take pressure off of the nerve or the spinal cord when you’ve completed that. The question is what do you put in place? Do you lock two bones together and prevent them from moving or do you put a device in that allows the bones to continue moving?," Neurosurgeon Jeffrey Lobel said.

Lobel says the device could be better for patients in the long term because the bones will wear more similarly to the way they do naturally . The disk is FDA approved, however you need to check with your insurance company because they might not cover it.

" Because some insurance companies feel that this is experimental even though it’s fully FDA approved they may not pay for it. People looking for an artificial disk for their neck surgery need to be aware of this fact because if the insurance company doesn’t pay for it you may find people are stuck for a bill," Lobel said.

Lobel has performed five disk surgeries and he says his patients seem very satisfied.