Annual Mother’s Day BBQ

by Mackenzie Stasko on May 13, 2013 at 10:43 am

The Washington Township Fire Department cooked over a thousand chickens early Sunday morning for their annual Mother’s Day Chicken Barbecue. Area moms and their families enjoyed coleslaw, applesauce, green beans and dessert, all prepared by Washington Township firefighters.

"Since I was in grade school we’ve been coming here about forty years now. My Dad used to be on the fire department so we would spend the whole day here when he was on the fire department. I know it’s a big sacrifice that volunteers make to be fireman so we like to come support every year even though he’s not on it anymore," said Shirley Cuibertson who has been coming to the annual barbecue since she was little.

This Mother’s Day tradition was started in 1967 by the fire department’s founding members to help with the cost of the department’s daily expenses. 

"It’s operational for our department. Just basically the equipment, training and everyday expenses; fuel, utility bills," said Adam Siddle, Assistant Fire Chief.

Siddle says he hopes to raise $4,000 dollars from the barbecue.