Are You Zemba Tuff?

by Courtney Wheaton on May 18, 2013 at 11:50 am

Mud pits, barb wire, and running sounds a lot like boot camp but today people paid to participate in those outdoor activities.

After competing in other races over the years, the Zemba brothers created a 5 k Wilderness Challenge. They say they wanted theirs to be the best and added different obstacles to make that happen.

"There’s some barb wire, deep water a lot of muck that makes it harder because the more weight your clothes takes on the harder to race in," said Chris Zemba.

People at the challenge participated individually and in teams. Zemba says the money raised at the event goes back into the Zemba brothers construction company and to charities of their choice. The event brought one couple full circle from mud to love. Hannah Robinson’s boyfriend supported her through the race and surprised her with a ring at the finish line.

"I thought I could catch her off guard and it did I had no idea it was a nice surprise," said Austin Eveland.

If you missed the challenge Saturday there will be a Zemba Bros Field day filled with even more mud on Sunday.