George Hiotis

Area Family Gets $4-Million Settlement

by George Hiotis on May 23, 2013 at 6:53 am

A New Concord family will get just under four million dollars in a wrongful death settlement against the Ohio Department of Transportation. According to the Ohio Court of Claims, in December of 2008 Traci Reed was driving on State Route 83 with her child in the back seat, when a tree fell from the east end of the roadway striking her vehicle. The Court says Reed died and her son suffered severe injuries. Michael Reed, on behalf of his wife and son filed a complaint with the Court stating that O-dot was responsible for the incident. Mr. Reed stated that O-dot had a duty to remove trees growing along or hanging over a road or highway. Reed added that O-dot knew or should have known the tree was likely to fall upon the road, creating a danger or hazard to the motor public.